[OhQP-mail] Tough time this year.

Keith Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Sat Aug 27 21:51:01 CDT 2016

Got on the air about 1215 EDT.  Worked for about 35 minutes till a 
strong thunderstorm came through.  Shut down for about 2 hours for the 
storm then back on the air till the battery in my computer was about 
gone.  Was hoping to beat my previous county high QRP score but that 
didn't happen  Strong electrical noise from the thunderstorms made it 
very difficult to copy let alone have any one hear my 5 watts with the 
53 ft endfed antenna .  Thanks to all who made the effort to work me.  
Will have a few pictures of the portable station to send later. Didn't 
work any Ohio stations on 20 or 40. 80 was the only band I was able to 
work Ohio from Fulton County.
Keith, NE9KM

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