[OhQP-mail] OHQP plans

Stan k8ll.ham at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 23:15:20 CDT 2016

Hello all.

I'm planning to work the OHQP mostly from home near downtown Bowling 
Green, WOOD County, approximately 25 miles due south of Toledo.
I have a 3 element tribander at about 55 feet, in amongst some trees, 
so, hopefully it will work fairly well. I also have a few long wires up 
in the trees that I can switch between that should be somewhat 
omnidirectional, and variously polarized. They can be used on 10 thru 
80. I can also load my tower on all the bands as well, so I should have 
some reasonable coverage of much of Ohio, and the country too (and 
hopefully the world!).

I like the higher bands, so I plan to try 10, 15 and 20 meters quite a bit.
Don't be angry....but I don't use CW....sorry....SSB only.

I plan on using the following schedule, starting at around 3pm, ET:

10 meters at 10 after the hour (3:10PM, 4:10PM, etc.), 28.450 MHz +/- QRM.
15 meters at 15 after the hour, 21.300 +/-.
20 meters at 20 after, 14.250 +/-.
40 meters at 40 after (20 till), 7.200 +/-.
80 meters at 50 after (10 till), 3.800 +/-.

If I happen to get a good run of contacts going, the scheduled times may 
get pushed back. If things are dead, I will try for a few minutes then 
probably try Search & Pounce (S&P) on other bands, or randomly CQing on 
various bands.

It seems that usually WOOD County is lightly represented, so I'm hoping 
to help some others to get Wood Co this year. Hopefully the above 
schedule will help. Probably will be able to get ground wave signal 
exchanges on 10-20 meters out to about 50-100 miles, depending on 
antennas on each end, and noise of course... If the upper atmosphere 
cooperates, maybe some nice long distance contacts.

I hope to work pretty much continuously from 3pm ET to midnight ET.

I'm going to a small, free hamfest at Fair Radio in Lima, Ohio (ALLEN 
Co) Saturday morning. On the way home I should be working mobile for an 
hour or so from ALLEN, HANCOCK, then WOOD Counties....
***OR*** ALLEN, PUTNAM, HENRY, then WOOD - depending on which route I 
take back to Bowling Green.
Sometime between noon and 2pm, probably.

So, if you need WOOD County, try using the above schedule. I'll try to help!

See you, well, hear and talk to you I hope, in the OHQP!
Stan K8LL
NW Ohio
10-10# 76801
FP# 3255
Propagation is our master . . . but sometimes the master is cruel!

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