[OhQP-mail] K8RYU/R details

Ralph Matheny K8RYU mathenyr at marietta.edu
Fri Aug 26 10:44:52 CDT 2016

Well, things are packed and almost ready, save for getting the food/drinks.

Drove the route yesterday, no blockages or delays.  Sequence as follows:

    SCIO, 75-80M for a few minutes, then up.

    PIKE, dog standing by to improve ground conductivity

    JACK, mobile, enroute to 

    LAWR.  Our best location for some reason.  Then mobile thru JACK to

    GALL.  Then back thru JACK enroute to

    VINT.  Pretty good location here, but may get chased off.....

    MEIG.   Then

    ATHE  Mobile, mostly CW, then

    WASH, which is home county.  May not get there.

I will check 80 CW upon request, and will try to do SSB QSY as much
as I can.

I try to stay in each county until the demand runs out, especially in those
with only one mode stations or no stations in my log.

My mobile setup is NOT good.  I have a lot of un-cured noise and this
van is impossible to work on.  K3 Noise blanker does not deal with the 
problem well.  Thus you may hear me better than I hear you, which was
the case last year according to reports.  I have made some improvements
in the noise department.  We may make a stop in JACK or ATHE to pick up
weaker stations.

Weather going to be terrible.  I don't do well in heat......

de K8RYU


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