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Something like this Rob?

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The spotting network has the ability for such information to go in the comments field.  Not sure if there is a way for those who auto-spot everything to have that data go.  But then it really is a non-issue for me since I will be in the woods without internet and just barely cell service if I work to find it (one of the finer points of where I camp).


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We need one of our RBN Node folks to chime in with answers as I didn’t find any trying to look up docs…

I think that sending call/something messes up RBN call parsing.  Especially when the /something is not useful to determining country.  It sees K9TM/LUCA and pukes on it because /LUCA is not a country.  In some cases I think I’ve seen it make this into K9TM/LU.  In some cases I think it just doesn’t spot the call as it sees it as busted.

>From a selfish QP perspective, it would be great if RBN would put out what was sent and then we would have call and county.  Maybe there is a way to have it do that?

Just stating my observations as I didn’t try this to see what happens.  Perhaps an RBN expert can chime in?

73, Tim K9TM

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To the extent that mobile stations largely, or even exclusively, run CW, does not the Reverse Beacon Network accomplish largely the same thing? Perhaps not providing the exact county information, but considering that mobiles are rarely in a county for more than half an hour, just knowing their frequencies and checking back ought to provide a lot of useful information.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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