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Too bad we can't designate Costa Rica as Ohio's 89th county...

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Well, it’s just hours away from the QSO Party.  We have not received the amplifier that we ordered way back in March (it’s still in Customs) so it will be a barefoot operation again from here in Costa Rica.  I have plenty of soft drinks laid up in the fridge (and a few cervezas if propagation stinks).  Equipment and logging program are debugged and ready to rock.  In a little while I’ll go out and clean all the spider webs off the vertical (really).  Spiders like to set up housekeeping in  the counterpoise and that can really affect SWR.  I’m hoping to give the other DX stations a run for the money this year.  Thanks in advance for hanging in there to all the mobiles and fixed stations that struggle to copy TI8/AA8HH!  Good luck to all.  Now, let’s go out there and make some magic happen.
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