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Fri Aug 26 08:22:32 CDT 2016

I'm not fond of these "windows". 

I'm also not fond of the "window police" that then appear on scene to
enhance communications. 

I really wasn't fond of the encouragement to "window police". 

Florida does this and then there is constant complaining about people in
the window or on the edge of the window or whatever. 

Also most times the mobiles can't hear each other so multiple mobiles go
to a given freq and CQ and caos ensues. 

When I'm mobile I'm not looking for a window, I'm looking for a clear
freq.  If I find a clear freq and it doesn't match the "window" does
that mean no one is looking for me?  Normally when mobile I try and go
back to the same freq so those following along at home can find me.  I
like to go high or low to get away from the qrm so people hear me or I
can hear them.  Also, this way if I QSY to another mode/band when I come
back it's still clear.  Not true of a window. 

Turn the dial and find people or watch packetcluster or whatever. 

Windows suck.  Just one operators perspective and experience. 

What's next a QRP window? 

How about a low power window? 

How about a low speed window? 

Hope to hear/work everyone this weekend on as many band/modes as
possible... but no windows please. 

73, Tim K9TM 

On 2016-08-26 07:35, Dan Kovatch wrote:

> Yesterday at about 2ish ,Ron ,K8NZ and I ran a test with his mobile setup from Columbus to Sandusky on 80. There was QSB on the band but at times he was 559 from his mobile using a hamstick. I was using my low (40) feet dipole. 
> Check 80 during the day but avoid the mobile freq of 3545!!!! 
> Dan W8CAR
> OHQP activity whipper
> Erie county beacon! 
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