[OhQP-mail] OhQP Photos

Stahl jimk8mr at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 14:11:19 CDT 2016

What is a party without a few photos to look at afterward?

We want to put together a photo page of the 2016 Ohio QSO Party. Take a photo or two and send it afterward to:    photo&ohqp.org     (Try to find the typo here before you do :-)  )

Selfies in front of the rig are fine, as well as the work of real photographers. You don’t have to be a big gun high scorer to take part.

Two requests:

1.  Include enough info to let us know who you are! Your phone # or email address is not quite enough. The county or state you operated from would also be nice.

2. We are more interested in seeing your face than seeing the back of your head. We all know that we have bald spots or less back there (other than our YL ops!)

We expect to have these up on an page on the OhQP web site, probably taking a couple of days afterward to get it put together.

73  -  Jim   K8MR

OhQP Chairman

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