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I use the N3FJP software for the Oh QP and a few others. It has the capability of doing automatic backups every 15 minutes. You can specify a drive location which can be a thumb drive or places like Dropbox. Although a number of contacts could be lost in that 15 minutes it sure beats a complete loss. I’m not sure how other programs do backups but the N3FJP suite has that covered.


If you want to operate but  not heavily, you can test any of his software and it will log 30 contacts before stopping. You can still go back in and create ADIF and Cabrillo files with the evaluation versions. I do not own the entire suite but I have “entered” several QPs with under 30 QSOs using the N3FJP evaluation software. For instance, see my great QRP score in the MS QP (1 point !!). 


Paul, N8OT



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Hi all,

    Don't forget to bring along a thumb drive to back up your logs!!!  A friend of mind learned the hard way, when he had just finished a Clean Sweep in ARRL Sweep Stakes a few years ago, his computer hard drive crashed.  He tried to bring it back up but he was not able.

    Genlog is what I sometimes use and it has a 'Manual Backup' under one of the menu's to keep a current .bak file saved to any drive you select.  I use a thumb drive, or flash drive, what ever you want to call them. It is a small price to pay for that security in case of computer failure.  I was an Electronic Design Specialist for Ohio U  and the saying was true; "The more important the data, the more the odds are that your computer will fail!"

Good hunting out there!



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