[OhQP-mail] Logging Software and OhQP

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sat Aug 20 05:43:30 CDT 2016

Please make sure that you have your logging software configured properly.  Normal mistakes are operating with a special callsign but not configuring the software for that callsign.  Operating at a multi-op using a PC with software configured for a different station.  Operating portable and having other station info.  New setup of software and never did a setup and default is not correct.  

For whatever reason this is an issue more so for N1MM users operating from within Ohio (out of state are normally OK).  If you are using N1MM or plan to use N1MM, please make sure that the sent information in your log contains the county you operate from during the contest and NOT OH!!!  It’s best to do this with a test log BEFORE the event!

If you’re not familiar with what I’m talking about here’s an example QSO formatted in cabrillo:
QSO:  7185 PH 2015-08-27 1726 K9TM         59   LUCA K8CC        59  MI

The K9TM 59 LUCA portion is the “sent” information.
Make sure it says your county, like mine is LUCA.
If it says OH instead of LUCA, then there is a configuration problem.

Of course if you are mobile or rover, this changes for each county you activate.

Also, if you’re new to qso parties… cabrillo file format is the preferred file format.  All qso party/contest loggers output cabrillo format files.

One other item for anyone new to qso parties/contest, please only use general logging programs as a last resort.  If you do use a general logger, make sure that you capture the qso information and in a way that your logger can output it in a cabrillo file.  Every year at least one person tries to figure out how to get from a general logger to qso party log but they didn’t log county name (so all they have is OH or city) and they only have adif or proprietary file formats.  Please don’t depend on adif to cabrillo converters.  They can’t create missing info (like county) and in most cases they are not effective and cause everyone a lot of grief/frustration.  There are free and low cost options available that are easy to use and provide the correct output as well as useful info during the event and provide output that can be pulled back into a general logger if you’d like after the event.  There is a list of loggers that support OhQP in the links section of the ohqp web site.

If you have questions, post them here and we’ll try and help.

Good luck, have fun, hope to hear everyone next week!

73, Tim K9TM

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