[OhQP-mail] That goofy callsign TI8/AA8HH

Stephen Morton swmorton50 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 21:24:17 CDT 2016

For many years I have played in the Ohio QSO Party.  I’ve been mobile, worked it from my home station and been part of a Multi multi operation.

I now live in Costa Rica but still enjoy the OhQP.  Once again this year I will be signing as TI8/AA8HH.  This is a really difficult callsign to get across to stations in Ohio that are not expecting a DX station to be playing in the contest.  A crazy long callsign like mine really seems to confuse even the very best operators!

I hope to put in an all out effort this year (propagation gods permitting).  Last year, 20 meters was my money band with a handful of qso’s on 10, 15 and 40.  80 meters was a wasteland from here.  I think I only worked K8KJ and K8DV on 80.  

Currently, my station is fully operational, but I have a 500 watt amp that I hope to use so that my pip squeak signal is a little more robust.  I ordered it back in March, but unfortunately, as of today it is still stuck in Customs here in Costa Rica.  The transit agent keeps telling me that it should be released any day, but I’ve been hearing that line for more than two months now.  I can only hope that it makes it in time and in one piece.  I understand that it has been opened and inspected five times now.

I’m also using a new radio with a better receiver and have made some adjustments to improve my antenna on 80 meters.  FYI, propagation from here is different than from Ohio.  All of the bands seem to behave like  one band lower.  80 acts like 160, 40 acts like 80, 30 acts like 40, etc.

When you hear a callsign that just doesn’t seem to make any sense whatsoever, it’s probably me, so please remember that TI8/AA8HH is out there.

Thanks in advance for your qso’s and patience!  Have fun… I know that I will!

Steve TI8/AA8HH

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