[OhQP-mail] OHIO QSO Party reminder

Dan w8car at buckeye-express.com
Thu Aug 4 13:37:42 CDT 2016

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for August 27, Saturday, from 1200 EDT to 2400 EDT (1600Z to 0400Z Sunday) for the OHQP
Make sure to go to WWW.OHQP.ORG for rules, results and planned operations. Remember, no more serial numbers just RST and county (or state/province)

Put YOUR hat in the ring and activate a county or two or 20 either as a home station, rover or mobile. Make sure to put your op in the planned operation section so stations who are looking for counties can see
what’s up!

So far we have about 30 counties signed up but we need MORE MORE MORE!. If you  know anyone who might be interested give them a call, email, snail mail, tweet, snapchat, Facebook post or radiogram!

First of several haranguing's for the good of the cause!

Dan W8CAR OHQP whip
cwops 1220
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