[OhQP-mail] K8RYU/R

Ralph Matheny K8RYU mathenyr at marietta.edu
Mon Aug 24 11:33:56 CDT 2015

Well, we got the van back from the mechanic late Friday,
and did not get the batts charged fully in time for departure, 
thus in Gallia we ran out of juice and lost a couple hours
operating time.  That's the bad news.

Better, I didn't find conditions to be that bad, though
many were unhappy.  To my ear things were lots better than 
some years.  40 very long all the day, but 20 quite short 
at times.  Many Ohio stations were workable on 20 IF there had
not been so many calling from distant locations and covering
up us weaker guys close in.  While in SCIO and PIKE I called
several northern Ohio stations on 20 but could not crack the
pile of distant signals.  80 at nite nearly killed my arm (I
still key by hand with a bug) but saw rates well over 100 which
for me is unusual.

Sorry I ran out of ATHE before getting KW8N on 80cw, and don't
think I worked him in WASH either. 

No dogs on duty in PIKE this year. 

Score not calculated, but looks like about 660 contacts which
is about my usual.

de K8RYU

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