[OhQP-mail] Mac OS logger that supports the OHQP

Joshua Gould, K8WXA jg.k8wxa at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 21:33:42 CDT 2015


A few days ago, I sent an email to Bill, K1GQ about adding the OHQP to the logging program that he wrote called SkookumLogger. About two hours later I had a beta version to take for a quick spin. Everything looked good to me so Bill published the new version. 

It can be downloaded here: http://www.k1gq.com/SkookumLogger/index.html

Hopefully this helps someone that runs a Mac this weekend. 

Joshua Gould

KX3 # 7480

NAQCC # 7704
OMISS # 9948
4sqrp # 990
FP # 3579

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