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Dave Vest k8dv at cinci.rr.com
Thu Aug 20 09:34:23 CDT 2015

Tim and Jim,

Thanks for the clarification on the station/TX ID.  

Good to know also about how the web interface works when submitting.  

Did not mean to stir up a hornets nest but merely to share a work around.  

Dave, K8DV

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> On Aug 20, 2015, at 10:15 AM, K9TM <k9tm at buckeye-express.com> wrote:
> The main reason the “t” field exists in the QSO: tag of Cabrillo is to support the multi-2 category which requires each qso to be marked with the transmitter ID (0 or 1).
> OhQP does not have such a category and therefore has no such requirement and as such does not require the “t” field.
> Not all loggers force multi-op logs to have the “t” field.  This was an N1MM choice.
> I do not see it as wise to code in a defect to allow the wrong number of fields as this defeats the checking done by the web log submittal as opposed to the email spam model or snail mail spam model.
> Another benefit of the web submittal is that it was created to collect better header data from entrants.  Historically loggers struggle with this header info.  Many loggers have “defaults” and this causes all kinds of issues for sponsors and log checkers.  Since you tell the web submittal page your category, OhQP ignore your cabrillo category and choose to believe you selected the correct info when you submitted the log using the web page and picking from one of the actual categories.  The logs received pages show what you told the web page, not what you had in cabrillo… so you can always verify what we received.
> Note this applies to OhQP only and not MiQP.
> 73, Tim K9TM
> On Aug 20, 2015, at 9:36 AM, k8dv at cinci.rr.com wrote:
> Very good info from Mike and spot on, here are some additional comments for those using N1MM or N1MM + networked in a Multi-Multi setup such as we do at K8DV.
> Also if running N1MM or N1MM + in a multi/multi setup when you create the Cabrillo file it will add the station number to the end of each line entry.  The only way to generate the Cabrillo file without this is to generate it by going back into file/open log in database and change the operator class from multi-op to single-op after the contest.  You will have to edit the header in the Cabrillo file from "single-op back to multi-op".
> Speaking with several N1MM guru's over the last several days this is easiest way to generate the Cabrillo file from a M/M without the station number included, the other choice is to edit the number out manually.  
> Most large contest with several M/M stations participating require the station number with the log submission and why it is included.
> Look forward to seeing all in the OhQP this Saturday and let's hope for some band conditions.
> 73,
> Dave, K8DV
> ---- Mike Tindor AA8IA <aa8ia at aa8ia.org> wrote: 
>> Some errors corrected.
>> Using the latest version of N1MM+, the only issue I see is that by 
>> default N1MM+ sets the "Sent Exchange" to the ARRL section configured in 
>> N1MM+, and that is not what we want in the "Sent Exchange" field for the 
>> OHQP when we are operating from within Ohio -- we want the 
>> four-character state abbreviation.
>> A proper configuration would be like this:
>> 1. Select File --> New Log in Database
>> a. Set "Log Type" = QSOPARTY
>> b. Set "State for Log Type QSOPARTY" to: OH
>> c. Set "Sent Exchange" to: your four-letter county abbrev (eg: JEFF)
>> d. Set "Operators" to the callsign in use for the content (eg: AA8IA)
>> I do notice that my N1MM+ plus defaults to tossing my state "OH" in as 
>> the Sent Exchange by default. It is actually pulling that default value 
>> from the ARRL Section field under Config--> Change Your Station Data, 
>> which is where you enter in your general station information when you 
>> initially set up N1MM+. Obviously that does no good in this contest for 
>> Ohio stations since we need to be sending our four-character county 
>> abbreviation.
>> NOTE: In my case, under Config --> Change your Station Data, there are 
>> actually two places where OH is specified, once under State and once 
>> under ARRL Section. But I have verified that N1MM is pulling the default 
>> OH value for the Sent Exchange from the ARRL Section field in Config --> 
>> Change your Station Data. N1MM+ users will not want to modify that 
>> section. Instead they would want to simply set the "Sent Exchange" as 
>> described in item C above.
>> So, in the case of Ohio stations operating in the OHQP and using 
>> N1MM(+), make sure that item C above is set correctly to your 
>> four-character county abbreviation.
>> When I generate the Cabrillo file (via File--> Generate Cabrillo), my 
>> generated log looks something like this:
>> START-OF-LOG: 3.0
>> CLUB: Mad River Radio Club
>> NAME: Mike Tindor
>> ADDRESS: 56 Lookout Dr
>> ADDRESS-CITY: Toronto
>> CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.5103.0
>> QSO: 14200 PH 2015-08-19 1414 AA8IA 59 JEFF AB1CD 59 VT
>> Notice it does have the correct county in there. So people who have set 
>> up the log for OHQP should go to File --> Open Log in Database, select 
>> the logfile for the current OHQP that they are running, and make sure 
>> that A, B, C and D as described above are set properly.
>> I do not see any field after the state I worked [VT in the example 
>> above], but there does seem to be about 9 characters of whitespace after 
>> the VT in the log, if that matters.
>> Mike / AA8IA
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