[OhQP-mail] K9F Fulton County cancelled.

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Wed Aug 19 14:11:07 CDT 2015


Best wishes for a speedy healing of your hands.

Perhaps you could try QLF?  (Only kidding, really best wishes for 
recovery.  But, for me folks probably wouldn't be able to tell the 
difference. :)

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time
Operating as N8Q from CLINton County during OHQP
(Presuming an uneventful automobubble trip to OhHoHo from Michigan)

On 8/19/2015 1:38 PM, k8mp--- via OhQP-mail wrote:
> Sorry to hear about your accident Keith.
> Regards, Joe, K8MP
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> Subject: [OhQP-mail] K9F Fulton County cancelled.
> Sorry that I have to cancel my K8F plans for Fulton County. This 
> morning on the farm I had an accident that injured both of my hands. I 
> am typing this message with one finger on my left hand. They will heal 
> but not in time for this contest. Very disappointing. Keith KA9RSL.

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