[OhQP-mail] CLINton County, anyone?

kb8uey kb8uey at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 15 16:50:59 CDT 2015

I'd come by since I love Cowan Lake, but I will be waist deep in rigs and hopefully OPS @ W8BI making sure anyone needing MONTgomery can get them all bands and both modes.  Enjoy!

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Subject: [OhQP-mail] CLINton County, anyone? 

I see that right now, I'll be the ONLY one, nary even a fleeting, hard 
to find, mobile, in CLINton county.

Do I have to dig up a local to make one contact within the county? Or 
could I encourage one of the mobiles to drap by?  I probably could dig 
out a jigger of Kentucky Moonshine or similar refreshment for such a 

72/73 de n8xx Hg
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