[OhQP-mail] Glad to see activity listings

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Wed Jul 9 19:32:09 CDT 2014

Ideas are solicited for a county in Central Ohio to activate, since it's 
our turn to visit our daughter who lives in Powell, Ohio for the 4th 
weekend in August.

Last time I was in the vicinity I activated UNIOn county, which was very 
sparsely active in past years.

I like to activate a county which has a low, or non-existent QRP record, 
which ensures almost ensures a certificate for high QRP score in the county.

Another thing which helps the overall score seems to be a county with 
sparse activity otherwise.  The only downside is that, when I'm the only 
fixed station in a county, it's hard to catch a mobile drifting through, 
so I often do NOT get a contact from the county from which I operate.

Setting up a portable station is almost a no-brainer anymore.  It helps, 
but isn't absitively necessary, to have strategically spaced "Naturally 
occurring antenna supports."

So, if some county which contain the above criteria comes to mind, which 
is contiguous to DELAware county, or not more than the 2nd county away 
from DELAware, please advise.  I'll "probably" visit Powell in late July 
to pick out a park or similar location.   Right now I have zilch ideas.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
QRP >99.44% of the time

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