[OhQP-mail] Indiana QSO Party is nearly a month away

Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Tue Apr 1 09:11:59 CDT 2014

Indiana QSO Party has been growing every year, and many of you have been 
part of that ... Thanks

This year's version is May 3 (noon-midnight eastern time) and the county 
activity map is starting to fill up  -  www.hdxcc.org/inqp
click on ACTIVITY

We welcome mobiles and portables (especially from outside Indiana), as they 
add to the action and give many stations moving targets to track down....

So go rover or mobile or portable in Indiana on May 3.... and if you can't, 
please get on the air from home or from your club for a while on May 3.... 
(we have a number of really nice plaques and certificates that would look 
nice on your wall, including one for the Indiana club turning in the most 
points from its members)

More info is at www.hdxcc.org/inqp including hints on how to increase your 

Mel KJ9C

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