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Jimk8mr at aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Mon Aug 26 12:31:43 CDT 2013

A reminder that the OhQP has a preferred log submission method using an  
upload from the web site,   _www.ohqp.org_ (http://www.ohqp.org) 
Submitting this way allows our log receiving robot to check your log for  
proper format, getting it immediately into the log checkinq queue,  and  
saving steps for our hard working OhQP team.
There are several common errors that will cause the robot to reject your  
1.  The sent QTH in the QSO lines is different from the QTH you listed  
before uploading. A common cause is programs like N1MM that have a default QTH  
(OH) that needs to be changed to your Ohio county before generating your  
2.  Your log includes RSTs for sent and/or received QSO information.  We do 
not use RST's, so be sure that your log does not include  them.
3.  Some software inserts a transmitter number at the end of the  QSO line 
for multiop entries:
QSO:  3798 PH 2013-08-25 0400 K8MR           0185 PREB  W9UCW         0002 
TX    0  

You will need to get rid of that last "0" after TX.
Remember that OhQP allows packet/internet spotting use by single operator  
stations, so you don't need to be multiop unless you actually have multiple  
operators or use CW "Skimmer" spots. 
Even if you have emailed a log, you can go ahead and resubmit via the web  
upload method. Doing so will be much appreciated by the OhQP  staff. 
Thanks & 73,
Jim   K8MR
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