[OhQP-mail] Solar Flare, Anyone?

Ken Gunton keng at techlock.com
Sun Aug 25 11:40:32 CDT 2013

WHEW! I haven't heard so much noise since
the WAE contest! At times, the noise level
was S9+10.

The Bellbrook (OH) ARC put W8DGN on the air
in Greene County with four stations. Because 
of Murphy, we only had three station on the 
air at any one time. The Drake TR-7 developed 
a serious hum.

BARC claims 79,946 points, which is not too
bad considering the conditions.

Zero contacts on 10 meters (what sunspot cycle
maximum?), and zero on 15 meters. I can't begin
to guess how many times I called CQ on 15!!!!!

The YO contest and the Kansas QSO Party were 
also very active, and we even resorted to
exchanging QSO points both ways with stations
in Kansas! What a way to beg for contacts - HI!

40 and 20 were our money bands, for CW and SSB.
80 came alive after sundown.

We had a great time. Lunch was delicious subs
and dinner was broasted chicken. No one starved.

Thanks to everyone who participated See you again
next year!

Ken Gunton W8ASA
Station Coordinator For Club Station W8DGN

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