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John Getz johngetz24 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 24 18:56:43 CDT 2013

I spent a couple of early afternoon hours working OH stations from the
mobile while parked on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC.  Forty meter signals
had rapid QSB and sometimes would fade before the QSO was completed.  The
signals on 20 were too weak to work.  KW8N was loud all the time.  K8MR/R
was loud when he put up the rover antenna.  N0H/QRP was louder than 50% of
the OH stations.  K8DV took the most calls to work as he couldn't seem to
copy my mobile signal.  Finally when he got fairly loud, he could finally
hear me.  I think the OH stations had trouble hearing each other as it
seemed like several would be calling on one CW frequency with no idea there
were other OH stations there.
John Getz, AD8J/M
24 Stony Ridge
Asheville, NC  28804
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