[OhQP-mail] How to submit your OhQP Log...

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Sun Aug 18 21:16:35 CDT 2013

Once you complete your enjoyable OhQP operation, please submit your log!

This is our third year of having a web page to collect your log and details about your operation that we need to process your log.   If you've operated OhQP (or MiQP) the past two years and submitted an electronic log, you're already a pro at using the web submittal page to submit your log.  If you haven't, it's really simple.  Just enter your call and email address and then pick from several lists for category and other information we use to process your log and publish results.  Of course you also select your cabrillo log file from your computer to upload to the server.  The system will then give you some info about your submission and give you a notice that the log needs fixed or that the log is acceptable and it will then automatically be added to the logs received page.

Note that this year the logs at ohqp.org email address will no longer accept your log.  It will automatically send you back a reply requesting that you use the web submittal page.  The past two years the volunteer staff at OhQP have manually replied to emails requesting that you help us out and use the web page.  They then tracked things to make sure you did use the web page and if you didn't, they manually processed your log through the web submittal page for you.  This is time consuming and means that we have to trust the header info in your cabrillo file... which is prone to errors and one of the main reasons for collecting info using the web page.

I'll be activating the buttons (links) on the main OhQP, http://www.OhQP.org/ , web page later this week so that you can submit your log.

I'll also be activating the links to pages to see logs received.  As in the past for OhQP there are two pages.  One that lists info by callsign.  Another that lists info by category and then by score in descending order, so you can see how your raw score stacks up against others in your category.

Thanks for your help, good luck and hope you enjoy the OhQP.

73, Tim K9TM

For more information on why web submittal, see the post from the original activation of the web submittal page from the archives:  http://mail.ohqp.org/pipermail/ohqp-mail_ohqp.org/2011-August/000516.html

Note that log checking is not done during web submittal.  Log checking is still done after all logs are received and the log submittal deadline passes.  Your log is sanity checked when you upload it to make sure we can process it.

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