[OhQP-mail] multi operator logging help with serial numbers

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Mon Jul 9 14:33:21 CDT 2012


I concur with Tom, KV8Q's suggestion to use N1MM with a bit of 
trepidation.  N1MM is a GREAT package.  It has all the bellzandwhistles 
about which every top contester dreams. But, note K8TM's comment in an 
earlier message "If you're willing to spend some time and effort"....

Before you start, may I suggest you look at a couple webinars hosted by 
Potomac Valley Radio Club:

Visit the PVRC web site at
and choose the two which were recently recorded about N1MM (They are 
near the bottom of the page):
N1MM logger in depth: Part 1 Overview 
N1MM logger in depth: Part 2 Multi and digital 

These are the best tutorials on N1MM which I've run across.  The first 
one tells some of the basics of how N1MM is set up.  The second is about 
networking the software.  Pay very close attention to how the network is 
set up, make the wrong choice and it WON'T work or may be erratic.

I'll also try to find PDF tutorial which a club member found on minute 
details of the N1MM network.  It was very useful to us here in Grand 
Rapids. I can't find it right now.

After you get N1MM networked set up and running to your satisfaction, 
refer any and all of your members to a tutorial on "how N1MM software 
works" which is on the web at


if that gets truncated, try this one


This is a 12 minute tutorial on what an operator will see when arriving 
at a station with N1MM networked version installed. This tells enough so 
that a "typical" operator should be able to operate with minimal 
difficulty. It explains things very clearly, so even a dunce like me can 
understand.  While it explains Field Day, something like  99.44% of the 
information is directly translatable to a State QSO Party operation.

N1MM REALLY works slick if you can connect your rigs to the software.  
Then it keeps track of the frequency & mode being used, changes the 
frequency and mode in the software to match what is shown in the rig(s), 
etc.  We had N1MM networking set up for the W8M Field Day in Grand 
Rapids this year.  Two of three rigs @ our Field Day were capable of 
such an interface, but the owners chose NOT to connect them to the 
computers/software, so we at somewhat of a disadvantage.

72/73 de n8xx Hg
Operating from Union County as K6JSS/UNIO during OHQP 2012

On 7/9/2012 8:31 AM, Tom Hain wrote:
 > Richard-
 >     I would suggest loading N1MM.  It's free and setting up the 
network isn't that difficult.  Get the PC's networked together first and 
then merely follow the directions to get N1MM setup.  If you need a 
hand, please let me know.  And, N1MM lets you work dupes where N3FJP's 
program does not allow that feature (which in today's world, is essential).
 >     Have a great day-
 > 73
 > tom  KV8Q  ar
 > From: Hank Greeb <n8xx at arrl.org>
 > To: ohqp-mail at ohqp.org
 > Sent: Saturday, July 7, 2012 2:21 PM
 > Subject: Re: [OhQP-mail] multi operator loging help with serial numbers
 > Richard:
 > It sounds like the folks who wrote the current rules have no 
conception of how most multi-multi stations are set up and operated. 
Maybe they should ask how a "typical" multi multi station is set up for 
bands and modes.
 > Setting up for a networked version of N1MM, for example, takes 
someone skilled in the art of reading hieroglyphics (though the last 
tutorial I saw seemed close to "normal English") to set it up for 
contesting, and a second genius who know about computer networking to 
set up the special network it requires. Once you get something like that 
set up, though, N1MM networked mode works likes a champ.
 > 73 DE n8xx Hg
 > On 7/7/2012 1:25 PM, Richard Lang ford KS8LCD wrote:
 > >
 > > Hello,
 > >
 > > I have a question regarding multi operator and multi mode logging
 > >
 > > Current our club is using the N3FJP software suite for event loggings,
 > >
 > > We have download and installed the latest state QSO Party logging 
software from there site.
 > >
 > > I sent him an email regarding the NON Network abilities with his 
program for state QSO parties in hopes he had an easy less confusing 
answer to Multi Operator and or Multi Modes on a band. See below
 > >
 > > 
 > >
 > > : Hi Rick,
 > >
 > > Thanks for your e-mail. Right now, I have network versions coded 
for six of my contesting programs. After the rewrite, I hope to have 
network versions for all of them.
 > >
 > > Presently, other than Field Day, the stand alone versions of my 
software are not designed to combine your log data. If you are very 
careful, you can open each of your log.txt files in Notepad and then 
copy and paste the data into a master file. Be very careful not to 
introduce any extra carriage returns or formatting characters. You'll 
want to double check the end of the file as that is where extra carriage 
returns often appear. Of course, back up all your data before your 
begin. This method will not check for duplicates.
 > >
 > > 73, Scott
 > >
 > > N3FJP
 > >
 > > http://www.n3fjp.com <http://www.n3fjp.com/>
 > >
 > > /Serving the Amateur Radio community with contesting and general 
logging software since 1997./
 > >
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 > >
 > > Hello Scott
 > >
 > > The Field day software worked well, we are registered club: call 
sign W8AJT
 > >
 > > We are going to do the Ohio state QSP Party coming up in august, so 
I installed the software on my computer to see how it works, at first I 
had the 1,7 version and noticed on the site 1.9 was available so I 
grabbed and installed it. But I’m still at a loss regarding using the 
software with a Multi Op environment.
 > >
 > > The FD Network version allows you to set a path or map to a shared 
directory for access to the database or adif file for the other stations 
nothing like that in the state QSO software?
 > >
 > > So I figured not a big issue we can import and export, well that 
doesn’t seem to be an option either, wait even if it was it might be a 
problem since there is a serial number involved with the outgoing exchange.
 > >
 > > So how can we track serial number assignment to qso’s
 > > <snip>

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