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Richard Langford KD8LCD kd8lcd at kd8lcd.com
Sat Jul 7 12:25:27 CDT 2012



I have a question regarding multi operator and multi mode  logging


Current our club is using the N3FJP software suite for event loggings, 

We have download and installed the latest state QSO Party logging software
from there site.


I sent him an email regarding the NON Network abilities with his program for
state QSO parties  in hopes he had an easy less confusing answer to Multi
Operator and or Multi Modes on a band. See below


: Hi Rick, 


Thanks for your e-mail. Right now, I have network versions coded for six of
my contesting programs.  After the rewrite, I hope to have network versions
for all of them.


Presently, other than Field Day, the stand alone versions of my software are
not designed to combine your log data. If you are very careful, you can open
each of your log.txt files in Notepad and then copy and paste the data into
a master file. Be very careful not to introduce any extra carriage returns
or formatting characters. You'll want to double check the end of the file as
that is where extra carriage returns often appear. Of course, back up all
your data before your begin. This method will not check for duplicates.


73, Scott


http://www.n3fjp.com <http://www.n3fjp.com/> 


Serving the Amateur Radio community with contesting and general logging
software since 1997.


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Hello Scott



The Field day software worked well, we are registered club: call sign W8AJT


We are going to do the Ohio state QSP Party coming up in august, so I
installed the software on my computer to see how it works, at first I had
the 1,7 version and noticed on the site 1.9 was available so I grabbed and
installed it. But I'm still at a loss regarding  using the software with a
Multi Op environment.


The FD Network version allows you to set a path  or map to a shared
directory for access to the database or adif file for the other stations
nothing like that in the state QSO software?


So I figured not a big issue we can import and export, well that doesn't
seem to be an option either, wait even if it was it might be a problem since
there is a serial number involved with the outgoing exchange.

So how can we track serial number assignment to qso's




Scott answer seems okay to a point


But now regarding the rules as you have posted on the site:


Bands & Modes:
CW and SSB on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Stations may be worked once per
mode on each band; i.e. K8MAD may be worked on both 40 CW and 40 SSB for
point credit. Each station may be contacted 10 times (once per each of the 5
bands and once per mode on each band).

MULTI OPERATOR: Entries where more than one operator performs the operating
and logging functions or stations that use Skimmer*. Multi-operator entries
may employ multiple transmitters simultaneously and are not categorized by
power. All multi operator entries are classified as mixed mode.



 Taken from your Ohio QSO party rules:


.         Multi-op stations who can't maintain sequential serial numbers
regardless of band/mode shall give serial numbers by band mode (75m ssb 1-#
75m ssb qsos, 80m cw 1-# 80m cw qsos, 40m ssb 1-# 40m ssb qsos, 40m cw 1-#
40m cw qsos and so on...).


I am really confused regarding the above can anyone provide some examples


For instance if we were to run say 3 stations 1 on 20 Phone,  1 on 10 M
phone and a 40M CW station.. 




Next how about 20M phone  and  a 40 meter Phone and a CW station


Or 2 phone and a CW


I get the part about  each station tracking spate serial numbers? That is
understand, what is confusing is:  (75m ssb 1-# 75m ssb qsos, 80m cw 1-# 80m
cw qsos, 40m ssb 1-# 40m ssb qsos, 40m cw 1-# 40m cw qsos and so on...).



What is the exchange we give ??? or have I made this harder than need be,

Do we just operate each station independently assigning serial numbers as
each station goes, than at the end I combine the output files? If so the
serial numbers are screwed up then


Any examples using a multi operator mixed mode exchange would really be

Sorry if I have made this more confusing then need be, just want to get it
correct beforehand so all the members of our group understand



Any help greatly appreciated





 for W8AJT

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