[OhQP-mail] FW: OhQP K8DV Multi-Op HP

David Vest k8dv at fuse.net
Wed Aug 29 21:35:16 CDT 2012

				Ohio QSO Party

Call: K8DV
Operator(s): K2KW, K4ZLE, AA4ZU, AA8HH, AA8MC, K8CR, K8DV, W9NIO
Station: K8DV

Class: Multi-Op HP
QTH: Goshen, OH (CLER)
Operating Time (hrs): 12

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:  125    120
   40:  258    341
   20:  113    471
   15:   10     39
   10:    0      0
Total:  506    971  CW Mults = 119  Ph Mults = 130  Total Score = 493,767

Club: South West Ohio DX Association


Another great year in the Ohio QSO Party.  Everything worked as planned.  CW
QSOs down this year by a little 19 less than last year, phone QSOs up over
300 with lot more QSOs on 20.  Big thank you to the TEAM, K2KW, K4ZLE,
W9NIO, AA4ZU, K8CR, AA8HH AND AA8MC who kept the stations on the air.  Have
to believe CW QSOs down because of the RTTY invasion on 40 meters Saturday
evening. Appreciate all the mobiles who handed out lots of counties.  Worked
All states and 83 counties.  See all next year.  73, Dave K8DV

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