[OhQP-mail] New OhQP Files For The NA Logging Program

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Wed Aug 22 21:33:34 CDT 2012

22 August 2012
New NA Files For Ohio QSO Party

Beginning in 2012, the rules for the Ohio QSO Party were changed for 
in-state (i.e., Ohio) stations only.  In prior years, DX stations (which 
send "DX" as their location abbreviation) had no value as multipliers 
for the Ohio stations that worked them.  Beginning with the 2012 OhQP, 
"DX" now counts as a multiplier. Since non-Ohio stations can only work 
Ohio stations in the contest, this change only affects Ohio stations.

In order to properly support the scoring for this new rule, the 
operation of the NA Logging Program must be revised.  QSOs with "DX" 
stations (which formerly provided no multiplier credit) now need to be 
scored appropriately.  Fortunately, the NA program itself does not need 
to be revised, but two of its support files for OhQP need to be updated:

OHQSO1.CRT      The Contest Rules Template File for in-state (Ohio) 
stations in OhQP
OHQSO.MLT       The Multiplier List File for in-state stations

Simply download these files from the DATOM Engineering Home Page at 
http://www.datomonline.com and copy them over the existing files on your 
computer.  These files will work with any NA 10 version, as well as the 
free demo version on the OhQP web site.  Again, only stations operating 
from Ohio need these new files.

Good luck in the 2012 Ohio QSO Party this weekend, August 25, 2012, 
starting at 12:00 noon EDST.


The DATOM Engineering Team

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