[OhQP-mail] KA9RSL Fulton County

Keith A Miller kamiller at maplenet.net
Mon Sep 12 14:43:33 EDT 2011

After seeing K2KW's post in the Indiana QSO party reflector I decided to 
go to my parents house in Fulton County and operate for a few hours.   I 
had another commitment that day so I  could only operate for a few 
hours.  At first I planned to use the buddistick and rove in several 
counties.  I decided with the limited time I would put up a larger 
antenna and stay in Fulton County the whole time.  I had the New 
Carolina Windom up and was on the air a little after 3pm.  Mom did 
insist that I take time out to eat with them about 5 pm.  Mom, Dad, 3 of 
my brothers spent most of my operating time sitting out in the yard 
watching me and asking questions.  That did slow my contact rate down some.

Summary.  3.75 hours operating.
91 contacts
45 counties
10 states
40 meters  0cw  21ph
80 meters  0cw  70ph

Due to a problem with my IC7000 I was running 5 watts using the IC-703  
Battery power sitting at the picnic table in the yard.  The sun did make 
reading the netbook screen difficult.  That slowed down the logging.  
Thanks to everyone who I contacted.  I know it took some patience to 
complete some of the qso's.

I had so much fun I have put this on my calendar for next year.  Hope to 
run at least most of the 12 hours and use a 1x1 call.  Looking at past 
years Fulton County has had very little activity in this contest.
Keith, KA9RSL

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