[OhQP-mail] Ohio State Parks on the Air is now supported by N1MM

Mike Tindor / AA8IA aa8ia at aa8ia.org
Sat Sep 10 11:38:44 EDT 2011

For those who might have difficulty finding it, the OSPOTA support currently
is in an experimental build of N1MM not easily locatable on the N1MM
website.   If you joined the N1MM support group over on Yahoo!, the post
about it is there though.  It's listed below in case anybody needs the
file.  As it suggests, download the latest public version (11.0.9) from the
usual place on the N1MM website and install it before you download and
install the update listed below.

UDC file was created for "Ohio State Parks on the Air" and is available in
the last experimental (file name N1MM-testV11.09.00_WAEDC.exe) version here:


If you haven't do so already, install the latest public release prior to
running this installer.

Contest name is "OH-Parks".

If you will find any problems with this version revert to current public
11.09.00 and let me know.

Nick NA3M

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> For anyone who is getting on today.
> Kenny K2KW
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