[OhQP-mail] How about a goal for 2012 Ohio QSO Party

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Oct 9 22:49:14 EDT 2011

Lettuce start stumping the wilderness for home station operations from 
each of the 88 counties in Ohio for OHQP 2012?  At least, have a "Rover" 
in each of the counties for significant a significant part of the day, 
when propagation is favorable to various parts of the country.

Pennsylvania (and California) could be eggzamples of such operations.  I 
believe there were several folks in the CQP who worked all the counties, 
and I see many folks bragging that they made all counties in 
Pennsylvania this weekend.

A mobile, with a mobile antenna, can be heard, but a portable, or rover, 
type operation with even a modest horizontal antenna (like the 130' 
doublet I've put up at between 30 and 70' in various portable operations 
in recent years), will do much much better, and be able to present a 
better chance for folks.

Of course, with only 12 hours in one day, OHQP(and MiQP) suffers more 
from vagaries of propagation, but it would be a real stretch to try to 
spread OHQP to more than one day, so I'm not proposing anything but a 
concerted effort, through regular attendance in nets, visits to Radio 
Clubs, etc., to start NOW to drum up a much larger contingent of 
home/fixed portable stations for 2012.

73 de n8xx Hg

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