[OhQP-mail] Plans for OHQP 2011, N1L/CLIN

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Mar 13 11:46:47 EDT 2011

Hi, Kenny:

Thanks for the response.

Your advice is "right on."  If I wanted to "REALLY" make a mark on a 
statewide record, or being in the "top 10 QRP" ops in the contest, etc., 
I'd certainly go for N8C for CLINton county, or N8Q for "QRP", or even 
use my own, specially selected, contest call.  But, the probability of 
beating out the all time record for QRP by N8IE @ 60+K points from a 
portable location would be vanishingly small.  I'd hope my presence 
might encourage a few more folks to operate from CLINton so I could make 
a contact with CLINton, but if I get anywhere near the score I made last 
year in HENRy county I'll be happy, and, maybe even set a record for QRP 
operation from that county.  Unless some other low power nut decides to 
operate in CLINton, it won't be hard to break the olde record (none at 
this time).

N1L for "N)ot 1)n L)og" seems a good "pun" on Contesters.   CQ OQP de 
N1L/CLIN is a bit longer to send than CQ OQP de N8Q, but, what the h...

I used N1L in the MNQP, the FYBO, and the CW NA-Sprint which happened on 
the same day, in honor of those the Minnesota Wireless Association, 
which inspired me to use the call.  Some of the NA-Sprint folks could 
hardly believe the call - had to ask two or three times for confirmation!

KF8HR set the LP record for CLINton county, but is now in DELAware 
county. His QRZ listing states he will still operate from CLINton 
County, so he may have contacts in Blanchester. There were a couple Ham 
Radio Clubs in CLINton county competing in last year's event, so they 
may be of help also.

The one downside, compared with a "truly rare" county like HENRy last 
year - it will be harder to attract contacts with a pipsqueak signal 
with <5 watts.  Last year I was the only fixed station who reported in 
that county, so several times (probably when some one spotted me on a DX 
cluster), I was inundated with contacts 8 to 10 deep for several minutes.

Several folks have may suggestion, some via private messages.   I also 
have downloaded all the calls from 45107 and will be contacting the ones 
who show up in the contesting reports.  Thanks to everyone!

72/73 de n8xx Hg

On 3/13/2011 9:56 AM, Kenneth Silverman wrote:
> Hank,
> If I had to chose a call for the Oh/MiQP it would have an 8 in it, but 
> that's just me.  N1L is cute, but IMHO it would be better to have a 
> native #.  That's why I used N8M or K8O in the QSO parties instead of 
> signing K2KW or K2KW/8
> Just go to QRZ.com and put in the zip code.  Not many hams in that zip 
> code, but WZ8D is there and is very active, mainly on 6m.  AF8V seems 
> pretty active.  Just click on each call (there are not many) and see 
> who's active.
> Kenny K2KW

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