[OhQP-mail] Update to Planned Operations Page...

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Jul 31 23:15:16 EDT 2011

Geepers, I didn't want to create such a fuss when I mentioned that I 
thought a "planned operations map" would be a nice feature, one which 
I'd find useful, for the OHQP.  My choice of "state of the art" was that 
of a neophyte in web/html design.  This was NOT meant to be a negative 
criticism of the FB work which is done by our very competent webmaster, 

So, I don't apologize for bringing up the subject, but if anyone took my 
comments as a criticism of the work being done by our webmaster, I 
apologize for my choice of words.

Keep up the FB job, Tim, FB OM! & Tnx 4 the nice map on the planned 
operations page.

73 de n8xx  Hg
Operating as N1L/BROW for OHQP 2011

On 7/31/2011 3:23 PM, K9TM wrote:
> There was a note string earlier this week that I found curious as it 
> challenged that the OhQP web site is somehow not close to "state of 
> the art" because a map of planned operations was not available.  After 
> looking at the cited examples from the note string, I found that the 
> examples were what I would term static maps.  They were created by 
> humans by hand and posted into web pages by humans... all by hand and 
> at the timing and discretion of a human.  I had provided a similar map 
> product in 2009 for OhQP but found it too time consuming to be 
> practical for the time I have available.
> The OhQP web page is one of the only QSO Party web pages I could find 
> that allows the planned operations information to be dynamically 
> collected and available without human intervention to generate the web 
> pages.  I don't want to belittle any other QP's efforts (we're all 
> doing our best with what we have) but I think that automatic pages are 
> more "state of the art" than manual pages.  If any other QP folks are 
> tuning in, I'm happy to share how to do this to help your QP if you 
> are interested (it's a huge time saver!).
> I was only able to find one other QP (other than OhQP/MiQP) that had 
> the ability to collect info and publish it in a table without human 
> intervention.  I was not able to find a single QP that had the ability 
> to collect info and publish it in map form without human 
> intervention... until now!  I have done some work over the weekend and 
> now the OhQP planned operations page also includes a map with the 
> counties colored in depending on if there is a planned operation or not.
> In the future other things can be added to the map but for now I have 
> other items to work on to keep the OhQP/MiQP moving and will not be 
> able to add additional features to the map until next year.
> I've altered the existing 2011 Plans page to include the map at the 
> bottom of the page.
> Hope the addition of the map helps in planning your operation for OhQP.
> 73, Tim K9TM

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