[OhQP-mail] N8OT 2011 Plans

Paul Hurm - GMail Acct paulhurm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 18:35:25 EDT 2011

Last year I did not participate in OQP due to a family function on my wife's
side.  Last year my wife promised I would be able to operate this year but
neither of us knew that my unemployment would cause me to sell most of my

My old Heathkit SB-301 receiver "works" but needs repair to cure AC hum on
the audio. The matching SB-401 does not currently work at all. I am unsure
about being able to get this pair working in time.

I also do not know anyone I could borrow equipment from. If I am able to
operate it would be from my home in Butler county. I was a bit surprised to
see that no one else has yet listed Butler in the planned operations even
though it might be a bit early still. I am not going to enter Butler myself
until such time as I would determine that I will have an operational

Hope to somehow be there though!


Paul, N8OT
paulhurm at gmail.com

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