[OhQP-mail] Map of planned activity?

Keith Hosman KC8TCQ kc8tcq at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 12:38:26 EDT 2011

Theoretically it shouldn't be that hard to do using something like google 
maps and embedding the map into the web page.

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> How difficult would it be to implement an interactive map such as is on 
> INQP (http://www.hdxcc.org/inqp/activity.php), or, not quite so good, the 
> MiQP (http://www.miqp.org)?
> Also, a place to list tentative route for mobiles on the web page, so we 
> don't have to sift through this reflector for such info?
> Neither is a big deal - just shows the "state of the art".
> Hg
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