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Tue Aug 30 23:28:37 EDT 2011

In 1969, soon after earning my Novice license as WN8CVW, a
SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole was homebrewed and hung from the rooftop
of our tri-level house in New Carlisle, oHIo. This year, 42 years later, I
homebrewed a similar version of the SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole to
radiate in the 2011 oHIo QSO Party as n8o in GREEne County.  


This past Friday I took off from work early and departed my QTH in Tennessee
for oHIo.  Loaded up my car with the Kenwood TS-850SAT, homebrew
SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole, laptop PC and accessories.  Several
hours later, crossed the oHIo River and arrived in Beavercreek (GREEne
County) at a friend's QTH, and unloaded several boxes of stuff.  That was
enough work for one day, so we went to TGIF's for dinner and swapped stories
into the wee hours of the night.  


Arose at dawn Saturday morning and erected the
SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole.  Hung it from a tree branch up 15'
above the ground. Could have hung it higher but why bother?  (Two photos of
the 'SSRDMBD' antenna system have been submitted to: photo at ohqp.org )


Next, assembled my FD-style radio station, connected the
SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole and tested.  Made several trips back and
forth adjusting the lengths of the elements of the 'SSRDMBD' for lowest SWR
on 20, 40 and 80 meters.  Now, 25 minutes before the start of the 2011 oHIo
QSO Party everything is ready to go.  My host friend delivered lunch, so
grabbed a quick bite to eat and waited for the starting bell to ring.
Meanwhile, prayed for Murphy to remain absent for the next twelve hours.


Took aim at the GREEne County record score set by WB8CEH in the 2005 OhQP.
(WB8CEH, now W4SNP in VA, and I have known one another for 40+ years.)  If
you're going to have your record broken, why not by a friend?


Twelve hours later, the logger (N1MM, what else?) is displaying a score of
153,000+ for n8o in GREEne County.  


Called it a night.


Arose at dawn Sunday morning, disassembled the
SuperSecretRinkyDinkMultiBandDipole and radio station, packed everything in
several boxes and loaded the car.  With another oHIo QSO Party in the log, I
hauled tail back to Tennessee.  


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Wish List for 2012 OhQP:  SO2R, High Power & Better Antenna System!


GREEne County QSL card for QSO with n8o in 2011 OhQP, send SASE to wo4o via
CB address.  


n8o log submitted to: logs at OhQP.org


Please do a favor for me: Participate in the Tennessee QSO Party this Sunday
September 4/5: http://www.tnqp.org


73, RiC wo4o


Tennessee Contest Group




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