[OhQP-mail] Help - Selecting OQP sites in rarer counties-

w3hkk at roadrunner.com w3hkk at roadrunner.com
Mon Sep 20 09:16:56 EDT 2010

I notice more clubs operating  several stations from several different counties, and am looking for a few basic tips that  I could apply to the local club at the next OQP.  


-how did you handle the club call sign at multiple QTHs in different counties?
How does that affect the Club score?
-how did you go about selecting the specific  QTH in each county?  ( my "perfect" qth would be a rural house/cottage/farm/structure (NOT a campsite/tent)  that provided access the day before for antenna hanging and the day after for take down.
-what were the  problems you had to resolve to get approvals to set up and operate?
-what were the types of qth's you  had the luxury of chosing from?
-Important factors to me would be:  availability of commercial power, a weatherproof structure large enough for 5-6 people, freedom from local  noise ( trucks-ignition-power line- people), screened or enclosed to minimize mosquitos and other insects, with access to a toilet.)
-renting a place for a nominal fee for Friday night and Sat night would be worth it, if necessary.
Any thoughts or experiences you would like to share?

de Bob

PS  Counties of interest to me include:  Knox, Hocking, Perry, Muskingum, Coshockton, Morgon, Noble.

PPS  I once contacted a local  ARC in a rare county  and asked if there were any QTHs I could set up in and operate from for OQP.  I wound up with an offer to use a brother's garage, nicely enclosed and with electricity, bath and running water, with 4 nicely spaced tall trees to hang my 80m horizontal loop.  It worked out  great although I had to sleep in my car.)   So clearly ONE option is to contact the  ARCs in the county you are interested in to see what they might offer.

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