[OhQP-mail] Looking ahead to 2011

Michael Tessmer fininine at gmail.com
Wed May 5 17:54:37 EDT 2010

My feeling is you should never have a possible situation where one
participant can outscore another participant by only making one QSO.
For example:

  WZ8YXW is a "bonus" station worth 100 points.
  KZ8YXW works only WZ8YXW on SSB for one QSO point and one
multiplier.  Plus 100 bonus points.
     Score:  101
  NZ8YXW works 10 stations on SSB for 10 QSO points in 10 counties,
but doesn't work WZ8YXW.
     Score:  100

  KZ8YXW beats NZ8YXW even though the latter made more QSOs.  (10x as many!!)

73, Mike K9NW

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