[OhQP-mail] N8Q/N8XX HENRy County SOAB QRP First comments

Hank Greeb n8xx at arrl.org
Sun Aug 29 08:22:55 EDT 2010

  Tired but happy.

The Mayor of McClure welcomed me to the village of McClure.  It has 
everything an itinerant contester desires - two or three restaurants, a 
gas station/convenience store, and a hardware store!  PLUS, a village 
park with a large picnic shelter.   Numerous antenna supports - one 
could make a full wave 160 metre loop antenna by stringing an antenna 
between the 60+ foot poles around a lighted baseball field.  However I 
chose to put up a 100' dipole fed with open wire line between one of the 
poles and a strategically located tree.  This made a difference, I'm sure.

Highlights were meeting local hams - KC8TCQ was in town on Friday, and 
we had a nice chat.  He reported he contracted a bug, and couldn't make 
it on Saturday.  Another ham (who I forgot to note in the log) came over 
and we had a nice chat, while I was trying to get my "new" Heath QRP 
tuner to work - never got it to work, and in so doing missed W1NN/M as 
he was driving through HENRy county. :(

W1NN and I had a good eyeball QSO before the event - wow! what a nice 
setup for mobiling!  We had met during a Field Day effort when we used 
his call K8HVT/4 in northern Kentucky some 47 years before.  We did 
change a bit in physical appearance during those intervening years.

Firs stats - 212 Q's, 98 on SSB, 114 on CW. Marginal conditions on 20 
and 40, didn't even try 15 or 10 because of the conditions on 20.  
Again, 75 Phone surprised me - several "runs" of 15 or so Q's in a row.  
Did anyone spot me on the DX clusters?  125 multipliers total, which is 
near a record for me.

I gave up at 0200Z, things were getting slow on 75 and 80 metres, the 
ball game was over, and they were threatening to turn out the lights on 
the ball field!

Anyone wanting a paper QSL, send a SASE to N8XX QTHR.

73 de n8xx Hg
Operating N8Q/HENRy county during OQP 2010
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