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How stringent is the logging?   I ask because the mobiles and rovers 
sometimes signed /M or /R and then other ones would sign CALLSIGN/COUNTY. 
In my logs, for all the stations who I knew the plan for based upon the 2010 
Plans on the site, I just logged them as /R or /M regardless of whether they 
threw out there ident as CALLSIGN/COUNTY.

Is it okay to do that?   Or is that a no-no?   I figured since part of the 
exchange is the county anyway, logging a station as callsign/county was 
redundant anyway.

Thanks for the counties Jim.   You're amazing wiht the high speed copy/send 
on CW.   Wish I would have thought ot watch out for you earlier when you 
were in the counties I really needed (the ones near me).


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> Actually not much to report, other than we're home safe and sound, no deer
> encounters on this trip.
> Set up dipoles in Carroll and Monroe counties to pass out those  counties
> to others than the usual suspects we work on CW, so we are in the  Rover
> Class this year.
> Did not get to Perry or Knox due to time considerations.
> Things seemed slow for the first half, then did better as night 
> approached.
> Finished up at the Wayne/Medina line.  No numbers yet.
> Thanks to all who participated!
> 73   -   Jim    K8MR
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