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Looks like a really fun way to do the Ohio QSO Party.

Have you found in the past that you can hear mobiles easily from the air?

If not, can you sometimes ask the others to stand by and see if any mobiles are calling you?  

This request actually goes for all stations with big pileups on any band.  Mobiles are usually pretty weak and I often simply give up trying to work a loud fixed station because I can't be heard under the louder home stations calling.  A simple "any mobiles calling?" every couple of minuts would help us and help you as well.

Hope to work you a few times.  Please have a safe trip!


Hal W1NN/M
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        I plan to depart Fort Wayne Smith Field at 6:30 Saturday night and will cover the following counties in this order on 75SSB

        6:45   Van Wert
        6:57   Mercer
        7:10   Darke
        7:21   Miami
        7:33   Shelby
        7:45   Auglaize
        7:54   Allen
        8:02   Putnam
        8:12   Henry
        8:26   Defiance
        8:35   Paulding
        8:45   Indiana
        9:00   Smith Field

        The weather forecast is good. Once I find a calling frequency, I'll stay put.  Times may vary due to winds - I'm planning on a 105mph cruise at 2500 feet.

        If you have suggestions for omitting a county in favor of more time in another, let me know.  I could easily skip Miami and add 8 minutes for use in other counties.

        I'm open to any suggestion short of cw - I've tried the straight key in the plane and it's pretty difficult and slow. 

        I'll be logging by hand.  I still haven't figured out a quick way of changing counties on NA as a mobile.

        73!   Ken-N8KR


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