[OhQP-mail] N1MM Mobile Changes Update

Kenneth Silverman kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 16:16:59 EDT 2009

Attn Mobile ops!

If you are a mobile op, even non N1MM contest logger users should finally
give N1MM a try.  I've been playing with the feature for quickly changing
your county (or grid), and it's a real snap.

There are two key aspects of the change:

1)  There's a macro to put into your exchange  {ROVERQTH} so when you change
counties, it changes your sent exchange based on your current county
2) Changing counties is done by (a) typing ROVERQTH into the callsign and
hit enter, and a window will open to enter the county (b) Right clicking on
the county/grid in the Multiplier window (c) a new station window field -
which I dont see in the first release.

The functionality works great!  Cabrillo output is fine too.

I talked to K3CT, who's doing most of the coding for this in N1MM, and
discussed the "QTH must match for Dupe" feature a number of people
suggested.  John is an ex NA user, and wasn't hip on the idea based on past
experiences of having to type the whole call + exchange to find if a
non-mobile call was a dupe.  Maybe there's a better way...  John is willing
to entertain ideas.

73, Kenny K2KW
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