[OhQP-mail] W8FT in OHQP

Bill Kelsey n8et at woh.rr.com
Sun Aug 23 12:46:52 EDT 2009

Hi - 

Several new contesters got their feet wet this weekend in the OHQP from
the Findlay Radio Club - W8FT.. KD8AVT, KD8IKQ, KD8KWI, and one other
new ham (whose call I missed) all got their feet wet this weekend.
KD8IKQ and KD8KWI are both boy scouts who got Radio Merit Badge at the
Findlay Club and then went on to get their Tech Licenses.  I gave them a
bit of coaching to get started, and then left them on their own.  They
really seemed to enjoy it, and picked up on handling the pileups fairly
quickly. Now if I can just get them to talk a little louder so the VOX
does not keep dropping out! They made well over 100 qso's on 80 and 40
SSB in the afternoon.  A big thank you to all who called in!

They all should be at the Symposium at Findlay on Sept. 12 if anybody
would like to say hello to them there....

It seemed like a lot of good activity for the entire contest period.

73 - Bill - N8ET  

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