[OhQP-mail] 80/75 in the mobile and other possible mobile tricks...

K9TM k9tm at buckeye-express.com
Fri Aug 21 18:05:32 EDT 2009

One thing I tried during MiQP (I was mobile) to cover SSB and CW with  
one hamstick was to setup CW for 3.550 and SSB on 3.605 with the tuner  
in the rig.  That allowed quick qsy's to give both modes.  It was  
better than trying to fit another antenna on the vehicle or waiting  
for a screwdriver to tune.  For some reason people seem to be in love  
with 3.8 and above for ssb???

One other suggestion for the mobiles is while cq'ing on cw (once the  
initial pileup calms down), put the sub receiver in the SSB band and  
give an ssb freq too and listen on the sub too.  (Note that this means  
the ssb station must call the mobile on the freq given!!!) That way  
you can maximize your efforts and not waste time cq'ing on ssb where  
it's tougher than on cw.  I tried this in MiQP as well and when people  
caught on, it was neat.  If the practice becomes more common place, it  
will be more efficient for all.  It tells the world you can do SSB,  
where it sounds clear to the mobile to hear people calling, you're  
ready to do some ssb as cw is slowing down, we don't have to interrupt  
you to ask to qsy to ssb, etc...

I think Jim's intention with  3.545 is for the MOBILES to CQ on this  
freq from time to time.  I'll be listening with a separate recv for  
any mobiles I can hear.

Good luck to everyone, safe travels to all the mobiles.

73 Tim K9TM

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