[OhQP-mail] NS8O in Meigs County

Kenneth Silverman kenny.k2kw at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 07:44:45 EDT 2009


>I went to www.ohqp.org and someone did a nice looking job on the page! I'll
check out the new reflector too. My operations plan is to be on all 12 hours
if I don't pass out, and go mostly CW but >will be SSB also. 160 thru 10
meters and planning 40 CW as the main freq.  But if the propagation is bad,
as it usually is, I will try out 160 and 80: 1.84 CW 3.54 CW and SSB Freqs
of 3.83 and >7.25 up or down as required.

>VY 73 and CU in a few days on the air!
>Greg NS8O

(I will inform Greg there is no 160m operation )

Kenny K2KW
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