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Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Fri Aug 14 08:35:47 EDT 2009

OK, for sure I will get Preble, Darke, Mercer, and van Wert, and take extra time in each of them since the counties further north will be covered by others. I will also try 80 meter CW as well as CW/SSB on 40 and 20.... if 15 looks good I will try it as well, but if rates are poor I won't try for long.

Then toward late afternoon I will head north into Paulding, then likely Putnam, Henry, Fulton, Williams, Defiance..... then head west to become KJ9C in Indiana on my way to grandma's cottage in the Indiana lake country 

Jim MR mentioned keeping 3545 open. We had some success in last INQP with keeping a "mobile window" between 030 and 040 (or in your case 040 and 050) for mobiles to call CQ, stronger (fixed and portable) stations calling CQ outside the window. It helped both sides, as mobiles found run frequencies and handed out more multipliers, and fixed stations knew where to look for new multipliers.

Just pray there won't be a RTTY contest on 40 meters

Mel KJ9C
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