[OhQP-mail] Activity?

Mel Crichton kj9c at iquest.net
Thu Aug 13 14:41:09 EDT 2009

Wow! The activity map is filling up, but I see lots of overlap toward central OH and no activity planned up north or along the west border

If I take the strip of counties on the west border, starting at Darke and moving north, I might be able to also cover Putnam, Henry and Fulton as well. But that still leaves Wood and counties east un-covered

Any chance some of that heavy mobile overlap further south can spread out?

As an option, I could  easily cover a few southwest counties now planned by AE8M and W8TK to let them slide east and north

Mel KJ9C (in the south half of INDIANA)

Indiana QSO Party -  May 1 2010

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