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The 10 day forecast on _weather.com_ (http://weather.com/)  shows sunny and 
mid 70's for the  21st and 22nd.  If this holds, it will be great driving 
weather for all  the mobiles, and maybe low QRN.

Which just about guarantees it will rain.
Unfortunately the weather can be too good, if everyone decides to go  
outside and play golf or do yard work. Perhaps not such a problem after lots of  
warm summer weather, but it is noticeable for the Michigan QSO Party in  
Conversely, I think the all time records for the Florida QSO Party were the 
 year about 4 or 5 ago, when it was snowing like crazy, at least here in  
Cleveland.  I'd operate for a while, snow blow the driveway for a  while, 
then go back to operating, and so on. The weather elsewhere in the  northeast 
was at least cold, so no outdoor distractions from working that  FQP.
73  -  Jim   K8MR
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