[OhQP-mail] K8RYU Route for OQP

Ralph E. Matheny mathenyr at marietta.edu
Sun Aug 9 20:46:55 EDT 2009

As of the present date, I will make the traditonal route thru SE
Ohio again this year.  That means SCIO, PIKE, JACK, LAWR, GALL,

As of this date I have no driver, so the operation will probably 
be a solo effort with no operation between sites.  That will kill
my score somewhat as in-motion contacts have been of significant number in the past.

If I find a driver, I may alter the route to drop something and
pick up HOCK or PERR, but that's all in the wind right now.

Ralph Matheny K8RYU
Marietta  Ohio   
mathenyr at marietta.edu

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